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Hoverboard Deals!

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Shop our Hoverboards on Sale! Here at HoverboardX, we provide all of our customers with the most innovative hoverboards, electric skateboards and accessories which cannot be bought elsewhere. Browse our Hoverboard deals!


All Terrain Hoverboar
The new All Terrain Hoverboard by HoverboardX will launch you off-road and onto adventure. A stable and sturdy design allows you to traverse any terrain. This is the perfect choice to take on the trails with family and friends.


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Ride in style with the premium HBX-2 by HoverboardX. This is the most advanced and user-friendly bluetooth hoverboard to date. The HBX-2 is UL 2272 Certified and uses the best in high quality parts. It also comes in 8 unique colors! Get it while our hoverboard deals last!


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The KooWheel D3M Longboard Electric Skateboard is the newest addition to electronic transportation. With dual brushless hub motors, you can easily reach high speeds while not losing comfort or stability. With the provided remote control, you can adjust speed and get rolling to a max speed of around 27 mph!

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Travel in style while linking up with the built-in Bluetooth speakers while jamming to your favorite tunes. Use the built in USB port to charge your phone while you take a break!

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