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5 Tips to Picking the Best Hoverboard this Holiday Season

November 15, 2016


With a number of faulty, cheap hoverboards for sale these days, you need to make sure that the one that you purchase is safe. In order to make sure that you're giving a great gift this holiday season, make sure that the board you choose has the following hoverboard safety features:

  1. Speed protection
    With speed protection, the rider is alerted that the board has reached a certain speed threshold. More experienced riders are able to handle much higher speeds if they feel comfortable with them, but beginners are often much more overwhelmed by the thrill of these speeds and unable to tell once they have reached a dangerous speed.

    Speed protection can be reset for different users and notify the rider with a sound or flashing lights.

  3. Low battery protection
    This feature can help notify the rider that they are running out of power. It is easy to forget that the hoverboard battery may run out of charge while riding along, putting the rider at risk of an accident.

    The battery notification can remind the rider to get off and recharge before hopping on and riding again.
  5. Tilt protection
    Having tilt protection enabled prevents the board from tilting beyond a certain angle. When the angle becomes steeper either forward or backward, the rider faces a high probability of falling.

    A standalone wheel that prevents the board from working beyond a 45 degree angle can also help riders of all heights and sizes manage their balance on the board.
  7. Anti-slip foot pads
    There should be some sort of tread material on all foot pads, but not all treads are created equal. A wider and lower stance gives a user a better center of gravity. To make the board safe for all users, the foot platform should be wide enough to accommodate a larger stance.
  9. LED lights
    LED lights don't just belong on sensors; they should be spread throughout the hoverboard's design. At night, the lights function as a safety feature to make sure that drivers can see you in the dark. Just as importantly, the lights look awesome and come in a number of colors to complement the board.
  Keep in mind that these boards aren't the best gifts for everyone, and that you should only give one to a child age 12 or over.

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